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What problem are you trying to solve?

What does SEO optimization include?

Google’s algorithms are programmed in such a way that they evaluate a website almost exactly like a person who is supposed to assess whether the page matches the search query. The following factors are important: technical factors (URL structure, source code structure, metadata, navigation & more), content factors (content such as texts, images, videos, but also layout and visual elements, etc.) and factors outside the website ( Backlinks and mentions). An SEO optimization includes improvements in these three areas.

How does SEO optimization work?

SEO optimization is always individual in detail, but is based on a defined and transparent scheme: analysis, planning, implementation as well as monitoring & controlling. The analysis reveals problems and potentials that are relevant for the ranking. In the planning phase, all actions that should take place in the context of SEO optimization are discussed. The implementation is carried out exactly according to plan and is always visible to the client.

What is structured data?

With structured data, the Google bot can be provided with further information on the content of a website.

Why should I use structured data?

This makes it easier for the search engine to classify the web pages in terms of content and thus play them more appropriately for certain search queries. The structured data therefore helps Google to better understand data.

What are the advantages of structured data?

With structured data, you give Google more context to understand what the website is about. This can be helpful for online shops, for example, when the product descriptions are rather short and the search engine indexing is therefore imprecise.

Using structured data, additional content can also be displayed in the search results (so-called rich snippets). For example, customer reviews can be displayed in the form of asterisks or event dates. This has no immediate advantage in ranking, but increases the click rate in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The additional information makes your search results stand out from those of competitors without structured data and thus attract more attention.

How can I test my structured data?

With Google’s test tool for structured data you can find out whether the excellent content of your site has been implemented correctly and whether Google can read it out correctly.

Do I get to know strategies in the Google Analytics seminar that I can apply directly?

We will show you step-by-step which reports in Google Analytics will really help you. This is how you benefit the most from our Google Analytics seminars.

How exactly does the Google Analytics seminar work?

The Google Analytics seminar starts at 10.00 a.m. During the seminar there will be small coffee breaks and a lunch break together. Lunch is of course included. The Google Analytics seminar ends around 5:30 p.m.

Can I also work on my website in the Google Analytics seminar?

In any case. You can understand the most important points directly in Google Analytics and thus set sensible priorities for your measures.

Why do SEO and Google Ads make sense for B2B?

SEO and Google are extremely important channels for B2B marketing and should be firmly anchored in every marketing strategy. If you rank well in your B2B industry, it will lead to a lot of traffic from the right target group. This in turn can significantly increase the conversion rate and leads. It also makes your brand known and your company is perceived as an expert in the respective subject area.

How does B2B SEO work?

How do B2B companies manage to get a good placement in Google search results? First of all, it’s important to understand how your target audience searches on Google (or other search engines).

Because the seekers usually know their own problem – but usually they do not yet know the solution to it and certainly not the providers of those solutions. That means, in order to do really good SEO with content, you have to know the problems of your target group.

You have to optimize your content and answer relevant questions from your users to these problems and the corresponding answers.

But above all: google your keyword and look at the search results. In this way you can also determine the search intention of the users and know how to structure your content. You can also read in well-ranking articles which related keywords, phrases and topics you also need to cover in your content. In the past, Google’s Keyword Planner was often recommended as a free alternative. Today we can no longer do that with a clear conscience. The results that Google Ads gives out are just too vague. If you want to do SEO sustainably and successfully, you cannot avoid investing in an SEO tool.

How good is Google Ads for B2B marketing?

In the B2C sector, Google Ads is undoubtedly very widespread. Many B2B companies, on the other hand, still believe that search engine advertising (SEA) is not particularly useful in the B2B area and primarily use other marketing measures.

But what does reality look like? Is it really only the end customer who googles while the entrepreneur uses other media? On the contrary: around 93% of all decision-makers in B2B companies use search engines to search for products or services.

It is therefore urgently necessary for companies in the B2B area to be present in search engines. In addition to search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising can also be a profitable marketing measure.

How can UnitedAds help me?

We take over the entire setup and the continuous optimization of your Google Shopping campaigns.

What does the UnitedAds CSS bring me?

With our Google CSS you save around 20% of your click costs for each click on your ad in the search results on Google Shopping.

How fast can I sell on Google Shopping?

As a rule, your Google Shopping campaigns can start within 24 hours.

How much do YouTube video ads cost, and how will I be charged?

YouTube video ads are designed to fit any budget. If you’re just getting started and want your video ads to reach local customers, we recommend starting with $10/€10 a day. And you’ll have the option to set your account to bill automatically or manually.

How do I advertise on YouTube?

Any business, no matter the size, can reach the right customers on YouTube. It’s easy to create a high-quality video that tells the story of your business, and there’s flexible pricing to fit any budget.

Will I end up paying more if my ads are being placed by different CSSs?

The fact that a merchant works with multiple CSSs won’t lead to Google charging higher CPCs.

How much an advertiser pays for an ad is based on the next best bid placed by a competitor. So if a CSS places a winning bid in the auction for one of your offers, Google calculates the cost of the click based on the next best bid for a competing merchant. Google ignores bids for any offers that also come from you. This means that whether one, three, seven, or even more different CSSs bid for you in the Shopping ad auction, the CPCs paid in the auction do not increase.

Google charges this CPC to the CSS who placed the winning bid on your behalf. Note that how the CSS ultimately invoices you for the click depends on the agreement you have with them. Some add a margin for their services, some charge fixed CPCs by category, and others charge commissions only if the click actually results in a sale. You can choose the CSSs that offer a model that is right for you.

Combining different models may allow you to benefit from different types of CSS expertise. One may have superior targeting strategies and thereby ensure higher conversion rates. Another may excel in helping you acquire new customers.

What type of merchants and retailers can benefit from working with Google Shopping as their CSS?

Google Shopping enables retailers and merchants of any size and type to place Shopping ads in the European Economic Area & Switzerland.

Do I need to work with a CSS to place Shopping ads on the Google general search results page in the European Economic Area & Switzerland?

Yes, only a CSS can place Shopping ads on the Google general search results page in the European Economic Area & Switzerland. You can use Google Shopping or any other CSS of your choice. You can also participate via one or several CSSs at the same time.

What is a Google CSS Partner?

The CSS Partner badge and the Premium CSS Partner badge are granted to companies in the CSS Partner program who have qualified for Partner status. Partners who’ve earned either badge can add it to their website, other online properties, and offline marketing materials to show that Google recognizes their company as a certified CSS Partner.

What is a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)?

A Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) is a website that allows users to search for and compare products, then redirects users to retailer sites to make purchases. In the European Economic Area and Switzerland merchants must work with one or more CSSs to begin placing Shopping ads.

CSSs work with online retailers to showcase their product offers on the CSS’s website. They offer various features to consumers, allowing them to search for and compare products offered by a range of shops.

Most CSSs also advertise their partners’ products on other channels to generate leads for them. Shopping ads on Google’s general search results pages is one channel CSSs manage on behalf of their customers. Some CSSs generate leads for you across a multitude of channels, while others offer programs dedicated to specific channels, including Shopping ads.