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With the training, support and additional resources of a Google Partner, we can help you get your business on track for success online.

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of a Google Partner for your company.

The advantages of a Google Partner Agency

Experts at your service

As a Google Partner Agency, we have access to advanced product training, expert knowledge, exclusive events and rewards.

Certified Google Agency

Our staff is certified in Google Ads and has learned to implement various best practices.

Successful and Up-to-Date

The optimization factor of our customers’ accounts is consistently at 80%. This means their campaigns are successful

  • Google Premium Partner

Google Partner Agency

UnitedAds has been helping customers increase their sales with Google Ads campaigns since 2006.

We have been a Premium Partner since 2017. This partnership has fundamentally changed the way we work, look at our services, and align our teams.

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  • More success with Google

Passion and Know-How

As a Google Partner, it is important to us to provide our customers every day with the quality and performance they rightly expect from a Google Partner.

That is why we continuously work on our customers’ campaigns with the highest level of commitment and a great deal of know-how.

  • Training, Experts, Betas

More resources for our clients

Google Partners is a customized program invaluable to our clients.

As a Google Partners agency, we have access to resources and product experts that we leverage directly into optimizing your campaigns.

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  • Certified Google Experts

Certified Google Partner

Continuous training is critical to ensure we deliver the best possible results.

That’s why all of our employees regularly go through the Skillshop certification program.

  • Optimal Google Ads campaigns

Highest optimization factor

With a consistent optimization factor of 80%, allowing us to leverage Google’s recommendations to achieve the best results for our clients.

These program requirements raise the level and increase the performance, both for our agency and for our clients.

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UnitedAds Google Adwords Kiel
  • Google Ads Insider

Current trends and strategies

Up-to-date and relevant webinars, panels and programs give us a strategic advantage so that we can provide top services to our clients.

With cutting-edge information on e-commerce, data on customer preferences and e-business trends, we could suggest optimal strategies times to our clients.

  • Work with a Google Partner

Benchmark for the best agencies

The Google Partners program not only gives us the industry information we need for benchmarking, but also allows us to better interpret changes in clients’ search behavior and in terms of their requirements.

We use this information to achieve the best for our clients.

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UnitedAds Google Ads Kiel
  • Lead generation with Google Ads

Optimal market access

Search engine marketing has become incredibly complex and multifaceted over the last five to ten years.

We share the information provided by Google to help our clients better understand their markets, competition, trends and how the industry is changing.

  • Current technology

Machine learning and automation

Google also provides machine learning and automation tools, and we receive recommendations to optimize our campaigns. A high optimization factor indicates good campaign performance. We can also see where improvements can be made: in clicks, conversions, keywords, or other strategies we haven’t thought of yet

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  • Work with the best

Take advantage of a Google Partner agency

When you work with a Google Partner, you can be sure that your agency has mastered current strategies and follows Google Ads best practices.

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