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More sales with e-commerce SEO

Waidwerk is an online store for hunting dog accessories.

With search engine optimization for online stores, UnitedAds has improved the store’s rankings and thus ensured more customers and more sales via the “organic” channel.

  • SEO initial situation

Initial situation

The store already had a good base and ranked for some keywords in the top 10 of Google search results.


  • Keyword research

Solution approach

As part of the search engine optimization, an extensive keyword research was carried out first.
With the help of these, we were able to see whether the most relevant keywords had already been included on the most important pages.
Many category pages

means of project management, the necessary optimizations were planned and tracked, so that very rapid improvements became visible.
This allowed all parties to see where the focus was at any given time and what task needed to be completed next.

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SEO Case Study Waidwerk
  • Category pages

Creation of new content

In order to secure the achieved rankings in the long term and to gain new ones, some category pages were expanded.
Specifically, informational content on the respective product group was created here to answer all of the user’s questions.

  • Advisory content on the category pages
  • Expansion of internal linking
  • Alignment of category pages to alternative keywords with more search volume
  • Monthly search engine optimization

Interim result of search engine

Within the framework of monthly SEO support, the following interim result can be noted:

  • 69% more clicks in organic search
  • 93 new keywords in the top 10
  • 87.19% more revenue from organic traffic
  • Conversion rate increase by 133.52
Waidwerk Google Search Console