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Exploit your potential with Google Ads

At UnitedAds we are proud to be one of the
best Google Marketing Platform agencies
to be.

With AI, we reach potential customers of your brand, open new customer segments and help identify previously undiscovered demand.

Your advantages with UnitedAds

Google Premium Partner

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Maximum transparency

We explain everything we do in your Google Ads account

More sales via Google Ads

Generate more revenue with high-quality conversions using Google Ads

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Why Google Ads?

“With Google Ads, your digital ads are served on Google the moment someone searches for products or services like yours. There’s no more efficient way to grow your business.”

Philip Thomisch
Managing Director of UnitedAds GmbH

  • Google Premium Partner

We are Google Premium Partner

UnitedAds is a Google Premium Partner.

Work with a Google Ads agency whose continuous outstanding performance is confirmed by Google.

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The fastest way to successful Google Ads campaigns

Book your no-obligation consultation now and let us show you how we can implement Google Ads campaigns for your company.

  • Specialized Google Ads optimization

Google Marketing Platform Partner

UnitedAds optimizes your advertising campaigns on the Google Marketing Platform for maximum efficiency and reach. This leads to a higher conversion rate and a better ROI.

As a Google Marketing Platform Partner, UnitedAds has direct access to specialized tools and resources to perfect your campaigns.

  • Precise and effective targeting

Targeted marketing

UnitedAds uses the Google Marketing Platform to create targeted advertising campaigns that appeal to your target audience. Precise segmentation makes every campaign relevant and effective.

Working with a specialized Google Marketing Platform agency like UnitedAds guarantees precise and effective targeting.

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Google Ads References

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  • Google Ads for the
    stationary trade
  • Up to 15 percent more
    Store visits for Medimax
  • More frequency in the area
    through measurement of store visits
  • Google Ads


  • More turnover with
    Google Shopping
  • 20% CPC Savings
    by UnitedAds CSS
  • Higher ROI
    through e-commerce tracking
  • Google Ads


  • Internationalization
    with Google Ads
  • More brand awareness
    through display ads
  • Higher efficiency
    through remarketing
  • Google Ads


  • Lead generation with
    Google Ads
  • Lead generation with
    Youtube campaigns
  • High international
  • Harmonious, integrated brand experience

Multi-channel strategies

UnitedAds creates coherent multi-channel marketing strategies on the Google Marketing Platform. The integration of different channels ensures a consistent brand message and increased customer loyalty.

As a Google Marketing Platform agency, UnitedAds seamlessly coordinates all channels for a harmonious brand experience.

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  • Marketing with AI

Data-Driven Marketing

UnitedAds enables data-driven decisions via the Google Marketing Platform that increase your marketing efficiency. This ensures that every decision is based on solid data and insights, which increases the chances of success.

As a Google Marketing Platform Partner, UnitedAds uses proven methods and technologies to support your marketing decisions.

  • Increase customer loyalty

Convert users into loyal customers

UnitedAds can create personalized marketing campaigns with the Google Marketing Platform. Customization to individual customer needs increases customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Expertise as a Google Marketing Platform Partner enables UnitedAds to develop finely tuned personalization strategies.

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  • Solutions for every business model

Experience scalable solutions

The Google Marketing Platform gives UnitedAds the flexibility to develop strategies that fit all sizes of business. Whether start-up or global corporation, the solutions are always perfectly dimensioned.

As a Google Marketing Platform Partner, UnitedAds has the ability to provide scalable and customized solutions for any business model.

  • Precise power measurement

Customized analysis and reporting solutions

UnitedAds provides detailed analytics and reports on the Google Marketing Platform to monitor and improve your marketing campaigns. This enables precise performance measurement and targeted optimization.

As an experienced Google Marketing Platform agency, UnitedAds offers individual analysis and reporting solutions tailored to your business needs.

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Benefit from the know-how of our experts

  • Security and compliance

Ensure data protection

UnitedAds ensures compliance with all data protection regulations on the Google Marketing Platform. This creates trust and ensures that all activities are compliant with the law.

As a trusted Google Marketing Platform agency, UnitedAds stands for integrity and reliability in all compliance matters.

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  • For long-term success

Continuous optimization

UnitedAds uses the Google Marketing Platform for continuous optimization of your campaigns. This ensures constant adaptation to market trends and customer needs, which ensures long-term success.

With UnitedAds as your Google Marketing Platform agency, you benefit from ongoing support and expertise at the highest level.

  • Innovative solutions

Get access to the latest technologies

As a Google Premium Partner, UnitedAds has access to the latest features and tools of the Google Marketing Platform. This ensures that you always benefit from the latest technologies and strategies to stay competitive.

The close partnership with the Google Marketing Platform means that UnitedAds is always at the forefront of technological developments and offers you the best solutions.

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