As we enter 2023, it’s an ideal opportunity to put your digital marketing strategy to the test and be best positioned for the year ahead. The Google Marketing Platform provides you with five effective ways to understand your customers more deeply and optimize your marketing results.

Deliver consistent experiences across all channels

Effective management of frequency across channels helps you control ad placement frequency and save budget.

Display & Video 360 provides you with two new tools to continuously assess the benefits of your cross-channel strategy for free. On average, clients achieve a 6% increase in reach when they control frequency in Display & Video 360.

Gain insights and heed user consent

Companies are challenged to find innovative solutions to keep pace with changes in data protection. Our customers want straightforward ways to ensure that all tags on their websites comply with users’ cookie settings.

Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360 make it easy to control the behavior of Google Tags according to user consent, thus integrating consent into the use of all tags on your website.

Close information gaps with conversion modeling

Conversion modeling helps fill gaps in media measurement when conversions cannot be observed directly. Consent mode and conversion modeling can be used to recover the relationships between ad click events and conversions.

This privacy-centric approach secures online measurement opportunities and provides valuable insights for your marketing investments.

Invest in your analysis structure

The new Google Analytics 4 is designed to help you meet the changing needs of the measurement landscape.

It allows you to analyze the customer journey in a privacy-compliant way, automatically generate insights using machine learning, and easily leverage them in Google’s advertising platforms to increase your marketing efficiency.

Unleash your creativity with interactive displays

As more and more users shop online, brands are increasingly presented with opportunities to create compelling and unique ad experiences.

With Swirl in Display & Video 360, you can now create stunning 3D ads that customers can interact with as if they were physically holding the product in front of them.

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