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UnitedAds is your ideal partner for the implementation of the
Google Consent Mode
to efficiently ensure data protection and user consent.

Rely on Unitedads for professional implementation of Google Consent Mode and strengthen your digital strategy in line with data protection standards.

Google has announced significant changes to Google Ads and Google Analytics tracking for 2024. The reason for this is the enforcement of the directive on user consent in the EU.

This means that Google Consent Mode must be implemented or updated.

Google Ads advertisers and Analytics users need to prepare for an update to the current setup in order to continue using personalized ads and conversion tracking in the long term.

From March 2024, Google will gradually introduce the requirement for websites to have a consent banner with the new Google Consent Mode V2.

The use of first-party target groups in Google Ads and Google Analytics is now only possible if the user has given their express consent and the corresponding signal has been sent back to Google via Google Consent Mode V2.

This will also apply to all conversion tracking by the end of 2024.

When are adjustments necessary?

The implementation or update of Google Consent Mode must be carried out for the following measurement functions:

  • Websites: for measurement tags that are used to send data to Google, for example Google Ads conversion tracking, Google Analytics 4
  • Apps: for SDKs that are used to send data to Google, for example Google Analytcis for Apps (formerly Web & App or Firebase properties)
  • Data uploads: Tools for uploading data from offline sources to Google. This applies, for example, to offline conversion tracking (OCI), data on in-store purchases and any uploads from connected CRM systems.

What are the deadlines for Google Consent Mode?

What adjustments need to be made now?

Which adjustments are necessary for your specific case depends on the previous implementation. The following chart gives you a quick overview of the current adjustment requirements up to March 2024:


* Choosing a Google Consent Mode compatible Consent Banner tool can save time and effort. You can find a complete list of suitable providers here: Consent management platforms.

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