A campaign that focuses on interest in your brand will help increase awareness and positive image of your brand. Customers have different ways to engage with your business, whether it’s watching videos, playing games, browsing your website, or interacting with other customers.

If you’re aiming to boost your brand presence, the Google Display Network gives you the chance to reach potential customers around the world, at the right time and in the right place. Placement targeting in Google Ads, a variety of ad formats, and CPM bidding strategies help you identify the right audience for your brand.

The goals of such a campaign could be:

  1. Encourage interaction with your brand.
  2. Reinforce positive associations with your brand.
  3. Deepen brand loyalty through contact with your target audience.
  4. Get customers excited about your brand and associated products.

How to effectively use Google’s tools

Placement Targeting

Select targeted websites or specific areas on websites within the Google Display Network for your ads. Tailor your choices to specific topics or audiences, or opt for sites that match your brand image.

Ad formats

In a campaign that focuses on the brand, rich media ads are especially recommended. With the Google Display Network, you can reach people through text or through visual media such as images, animations, and videos.

Bidding strategy

Optimize your brand’s presence on relevant websites with campaigns. CPM bids are particularly suitable for this purpose, as they can be set based on the defined goals for the campaign.

YouTube tip

Do you have a promotional video that airs locally on television? Use YouTube to attract even more attention. Set up a personalized YouTube channel and customize its design to match your brand. This way, you create a central point of contact for your brand on the most visited video platform worldwide.

Example: BioTeeManufactory

Campaign to increase brand presence

BioTeeManufaktur wants to raise awareness of its high-quality organic teas in Germany. They launch a campaign that drives interest in their brand and offers different starting points for customers.

Beispiel Google Ads Branding

  • Customer interaction:
    • Videos: A short documentary shows how the tea is sustainably grown, harvested and processed.
    • Website: Customers can read stories behind each tea and also order tea samples.
    • Community: A forum where tea lovers can share their favorite blends and recipes.
  • Use of the Google Display Network:
    • Placement targeting: Ads are placed on websites that focus on sustainable living, health, and tea culture.
    • Ad formats: In addition to text ads, there are also images of freshly harvested tea and animations showing how tea is prepared.
    • Bidding strategy: CPM bids are used to ensure that ads appear on high-quality websites that match the target audience.
  • YouTube tip: BioTeeManufaktur has already produced a TV spot showing the process from plant to cup. This spot will additionally be uploaded to a specially created YouTube channel designed with the corporate colors and logo. This not only increases visibility, but also provides a platform for tea lovers to share their experiences and opinions.
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