Project Description

Do you want more security for your home, for example by expanding the area of window security? Then you are exactly right at Graefe24. Perhaps you are also interested in electronic locking systems or comprehensive advice on security technology and alarm systems? Then too, gräfe 24 is the perfect contact for you.

Gräfe 24 uses Google CSS

Cross-channel attribution and the use of this data for bidding purposes has always played a major role at Gräfe24.

The aim of the collaboration with UnitedAds was to be able to use this data fully automatically for bid control and thus to drastically improve the profitability of advertising measures. The focus was on improving the performance of search and shopping campaigns with the aim of gaining further market share.

By using the Unitedds CSS, Graefe 24 gains another competitive advantage in the Google Shopping auction.

The activation of the company’s own sales or conversion data in combination with Google Smart Bidding leads to a performance boost for search and shopping campaigns. The online retailer Graefe24 has made use of this potential and, after a successful test phase, completely switched to the fully automated bid strategy target ROAS. The results speak for themselves: Activating your own data works.

The goals

  1. Maximize net sales in search and shopping campaigns when a defined return on advertising spend (ROAS) is achieved
  2. Increase the relevance of the ads
  3. Increase the profitability of advertising measures

The approach

  • Graefe24 integrated its own, adjusted and anonymized sales data via conversion import into Google Ads as the basis for bid control
  • Then, using an A / B test, the performance of Smart Bidding (target ROAS) was compared with the performance of the previous external bid management system

The results

  • 31 percent increase in net sales in smart bidding campaigns
  • The target ROAS was exceeded by 12 percent