However, the right placement in search results can make a crucial difference to the success of a website. For this reason, many companies rely on professional SEO agencies to improve their online visibility and increase their traffic. But how do you recognize a really
professional SEO agency

In this blog post, we will highlight some important characteristics that distinguish a top-notch SEO agency from others. From the team’s expertise to their strategic approaches to transparency and communication, we will help you make the right choice when it comes to finding a professional SEO agency for your business.

Recognizing a professional SEO agency can be somewhat difficult due to the large number of agencies offering similar services. However, here are some indicators you should watch out for:


A reputable SEO agency should be transparent in its processes and communication. They should be prepared to explain to you what they are doing, why they are doing it, and how it will help your business.

References and ratings

Good SEO agencies have a solid record of satisfied clients. You should ask for references and check online reviews to see what others are saying about their services.


SEO is an ever-changing field, and it takes time and experience to master. An agency with years of experience in the SEO industry is likely to be better able to deliver results.

Tailored strategies

Every company is unique and needs a customized SEO strategy. Agencies that offer “one-size-fits-all” solutions should be avoided.

Broad expertise

SEO involves many different aspects, from keyword research to on-page optimization to link-building strategy. A
good SEO agency
should have a comprehensive understanding of all these aspects.

White Hat SEO Practices

Some agencies may try to get quick results through dubious “black hat” SEO tactics. However, these can lead to long-term damage and even penalties from search engines. A professional SEO agency should adhere to “white hat” SEO practices.

Regular reporting

A good SEO agency should be able to provide regular, detailed reports on their activities and the impact on your website.

Reputable SEO agencies regularly present the results of the measures taken in a monthly report. The permanent contact person should also always be able to answer questions about the results or strategic implementation.

What metrics should an SEO report include?

An SEO report should include various metrics to evaluate the success and performance of a website in terms of search engine optimization. Here are some important metrics that should be included in a comprehensive SEO report:

  1. Organic traffic: This metric shows the number of visitors who came to the website via organic search results. It is important to look at the progression of organic traffic over time to identify trends and changes.
  2. Keyword rankings: The report should show the positions of the relevant keywords in the search engine results. This makes it possible to track the progress and development of keyword rankings and identify optimization opportunities.
  3. Conversion rate: The conversion rate indicates how many visitors have performed a desired action on the website, e.g. a purchase, registration or filling out a form. This makes it possible to measure the success of SEO measures in generating qualified leads or sales.
  4. Bounce rate: The bounce rate shows the percentage of visitors who leave the website after viewing a single page, without further interaction. A high bounce rate may indicate that the website is not providing relevant or engaging content, or that there are user experience issues.
  5. Dwell time: This key figure indicates how long visitors stay on the website. A longer dwell time indicates that visitors find the content relevant and interesting. It can also be an indicator of a good user experience.
  6. Backlinks: Backlinks are external links from other websites that point to your own website. An SEO report should contain information about the number of backlinks, their quality and relevance. Backlinks are an important factor for ranking in search engines.
  7. Technical SEO aspects: The report should also address technical aspects, such as website load time, mobile-friendliness, and indexability by search engines. These factors have a direct impact on ranking and user experience.

These key figures provide an overview of the success of SEO measures and help identify optimization potential. It is important that the SEO report is created regularly to identify trends over time and adjust the SEO strategy accordingly.

Fixed contact persons

A good SEO agency offers its clients one or more permanent contact persons. If questions or problems should arise, the customer thus always knows who to contact. Fixed contact persons prevent customers from being passed from employee to employee without anyone feeling responsible.

In addition, this ensures that the agency, or the contact person, can really delve deeply into the client’s subject matter. Groove so good results can be achieved.

Visible online presence

An SEO agency should have a strong online presence itself. If they don’t rank well for their own site, how can they expect to rank for yours?

Ultimately, choosing an SEO agency is an important decision that should be thoroughly researched. It’s worth taking the time to make sure you’re making the right choice.

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