Linking Google Ads and Hubspot solves a critical problem for many lead generation companies using Google Ads: scalable and consistent lead management.

Lead management is often used in B2B companies. This involves the generation and qualification of interested parties. Online channels such as email marketing, landing pages, SEO, social media marketing and Google Ads play an important role.

But telephone qualification by the sales department is also part of lead management.

Lead management encompasses all the measures a company takes to turn potential customers into actual buyers. Through optimal, holistic lead management, potential prospects can be provided with information individually and according to their current needs, and thus be qualified step by step for the conclusion of a sale.

And this is where the problems usually start.

  • If you generate a lot of leads with Google Ads, you can’t manage those leads reliably and meaningfully in your inbox. Leads are lost, forgotten, or not meaningfully followed up.
  • Sales successes are not reported back to Google Ads, so the actual ROI of campaigns remains unclear and campaigns cannot be systematically optimized.
  • The campaigns are paused and budget is reduced. As a result, the visibility in search results decreases and the number and quality of leads falls continuously. A downward spiral is set in motion.

With the integration of Google Ads and Hubspot, this problem can be practically solved completely.

The advantages of integrating Google Ads and Hubspot

Seamless connection between Google Ads and Hubspot

We connect your Google Ads Pixel with HubSpot to create website audiences based on detailed interactions customers have with your website. In addition, we use CRM data point to create even more specific target groups, write targeted ads and thus further increase the success of your Google Ads campaigns.


Analyze keywords on a deal or revenue basis

Analyze which keywords have the highest CPC and which generate the most revenue for your business. Based on the keywords that impact your bottom line, you can better decide which keywords you should continue to bid on.

Clicks and leads are great, but they don’t mean sales. When you integrate your Google Ad campaigns with HubSpot, you can create a direct link between clicks on your ads and the return on your ad spend. This makes it easy to prove the ROI of your Google Ads campaigns.

Develop a compelling customer journey

Make sure you continue the conversation with your leads after they interact with your ads. Create workflows triggered by ad interactions that deliver the necessary follow-up and incorporate them into a lead nurturing campaign to ensure consistency across all touchpoints.

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