At a time when consumers are going on more discovery trips than ever, the right branding strategy can make all the difference. A recent study shows that 43% of consumers worldwide like to look out for new brands, even if they don’t plan to make an immediate purchase. This underscores the importance of being present during these moments of discovery.

Appear exactly when the customer is looking for you

Google has improved its search function to provide a more visually appealing and interactive shopping experience. Products and brands are now more in focus than ever. This opens up a huge opportunity for brands to inspire potential customers and provide them with valuable information quickly. There are specific tools that can help your brand appear in these valuable discovery moments, capturing new performance opportunities in real time:

1. broad match and smart bidding

Broad Match allows you to reach new customers by showing your ads when customers search for something related to your product or service. Combine it with Smart Bidding to ensure you set the right bid for each search according to your performance goals.

2. responsive search ads

This ad type automatically adjusts to show the right message to the right customers. Offering multiple headline and description options selects the most effective combination for the shopper’s search query. These text ads can be complemented by compelling visual representations of your products and services.

YouTube as a branding tool

Did you know that YouTube offers shoppable videos to over 2 billion users? These videos are crucial to many people’s buying process, taking them from inspiration to consideration to purchase.

Video Action Campaigns with product feeds

Increase viewing and influence purchases by combining your Video Action Campaigns with product feeds. This turns your YouTube video ads into a virtual storefront. On average, such campaigns saw an increase in video-in-feed conversions of over 80%.

Branding in today’s world is more than just a logo or slogan. It’s about being present and relevant at key moments. With tools like Google Ads, brands can effectively use these moments to create awareness and build connections with customers.

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