The Google Expert Series is designed to provide advanced product training for digital marketers who want to become experts in using Google Ads.

The Automation Expert Day is a one-day workshop that helps advanced users to align intelligent offer strategies with their goals in order to increase the efficiency and impact of Google Ads campaigns. Under the guidance of our trainer Alex Sperber, the participants learned the best practice implementations, pitfalls to avoid and the optimal measurement of your marketing effectiveness.

The basics. What exactly is machine learning?

Machine learning analyzes numerous examples, finds patterns that explain those examples, and then uses those patterns to make predictions about new examples.

Wide range of context signals

Various signals for bid optimization can be taken into account when setting bids automatically. These signals are identifiable attributes of a person or their context at the time of a particular auction. This includes, for example, the device and the location, which can be set manually using the bid adjustment. Exclusive signals and signal combinations from Smart Bidding are also available. Below is a list of some of these important signals.

More about Google Ads

Smart bidding

Smart bidding is a subset of automated bid strategies that use machine learning to optimize bids for conversions or conversion value at each auction. This feature is also known as “automatic bidding”. Examples are Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize Conversions, and Auto-Optimized CPC.

Optimization at the search query level

Google Ads can optimize bids based on the text of the search query that triggered the ad, not just based on the matching keyword.

Example: A shoe retailer’s bids may be adjusted when a user searches for “leather boots”. In this case, the probability that he will buy a new pair is higher than with a user who searches for “boots repair”, even if both searches have a largely matching match with the keyword “boots”.

Success stories

With the help of some exciting case studies, the participants were able to discover how Smart Bidding can lead to more conversions and lower costs per conversion.

Automatic bid strategies

Automatic bidding optimizes the bidding process so that you can meet your performance goals. Any automated bid strategy is designed to help you achieve a specific goal for your business. This article explains six different automatic bid strategies and how they can be used.

Smart bidding best practices

If you use automatic bidding in Google Ads, you will save a lot of time and benefit from promising bids. This guide will explain why you should use automatic bidding – and ideally a smart bidding strategy. It also explains which strategy to use and how to test automatic bidding on your account.

Smart bidding bug

Of course, the results don’t come right away. With machine learning, it usually takes one to two weeks to see the effects of automation. The best thing to do is to regularly check the performance of the campaigns in your account and make adjustments if necessary.

Giving up too early is one of the classic mistakes when switching to smart bidding. This and many other errors and mistakes were pointed out in this Google Ads workshop.

Use Google Ad Manager and Google Ads together

Google Ad Manager is a real-time market for buying and selling advertising that works with the Google Display Network. Advertisers can use this market to bid for display advertising on the Internet. If your campaign targets the Display Network, you will automatically have access to Ad Manager publisher websites that are compliant with Google Ads guidelines.

Don’t just consider the last click: attribution modeling in Google search

The buying process can be long and complex, for example when using different devices. In this Google Ads Workshop, we discussed Google’s recommendations and best practices for Google Ads attribution.


At the end of a long day on the subject of “Google Ads Automation”, all participants could say that they have made good progress on the way to becoming a Google Ads automation expert.

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