In the increasingly competitive e-commerce market, it is crucial for online shops to successfully market their products and services through content marketing. If you want to learn how to effectively use content marketing, you can better address your target audience and promote your business.

In this article, we will take a closer look at why content marketing is so important for online shops and which strategies and techniques you can use to be successful with it


  • Content marketing for your online store is a long-term investment in building your brand awareness

  • Use a mix of website content, social media, and user-generated content to achieve the greatest possible success

  • Only with a clear strategy can you sustainably and successfully expand your reach and thus increase your revenue

  • With a good content strategy, you can increase your brand awareness, strengthen trust in your brand, and generate more traffic on your online store

Ideas & Tips for your E-Commerce Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing for your online store is a comprehensive endeavor. Because content marketing extends far beyond just your website. A truly effective and successful content marketing strategy operates across multiple platforms.

We have compiled the most essential channels and tips for you, so you know exactly where to start with your own strategy.

  • Note: Content marketing takes time. It may be a while before the content on your online shop yields noticeable results. However, this doesn’t mean that the time and money invested aren’t worthwhile, as over time, your efforts will have more than paid off. Consistency and persistence are key.

Content Marketing for your Online Shop

Your online store offers diverse ways to strategically deploy content. On your website, through content, you can notably enhance your search engine visibility. This approach can generate new customers via organic searches with minimal resources, thereby boosting your revenue.

Here are some content types that can assist in enhancing your search visibility:

Product Descriptions: They are a pivotal part of content marketing for online shops. Detailed and value-added product descriptions can persuade potential customers to buy. You can get creative with the design depending on the product. It’s crucial to craft your own descriptions rather than merely copying from the manufacturer.

Category Texts: By incorporating useful information on product category pages, these pages can gain more significance in searches. For instance, you can post comparisons between manufacturers or general details about the products.

Blog: A blog or a guide also holds the potential to enhance search engine visibility. Here, you can share diverse content related to your products, such as product trials, product comparisons, manufacturer comparisons, or your expert advice. You can also tackle broader topics related to the items you sell. If you’re selling running shoes, for example, it’s also fitting to share training schedules and dietary advice.

FAQs: Through frequently asked questions, you can tackle many typical queries from your customers regarding products, the ordering process, shipment, and more, without them needing to reach out to customer service. You can include FAQs wherever they seem fitting.

Videos: They aren’t just trending on social platforms but also hold relevance for your online store’s search engine optimization. Numerous opportunities exist to incorporate videos, like on product pages, within blog entries, during product trials or comparisons, and beyond. Videos serve as a commendable alternative to photos since they convey more detailed information.

  • Tip: If you haven’t yet considered content marketing for your online store and are just starting out, it’s advisable to begin with content closely related to your products. This often yields quicker and more straightforward results.

A good example of successful e-commerce content marketing is the music store ‘Musikhaus Thomann,’ which provides, among other things, reviews for all available musical instruments as well as comprehensive guides.

Content Marketing Online Shops Beispiel thomann.deQuelle: Stand 28.06.2023

E-Commerce Content Marketing for your Social Media Channels

If you haven’t yet established a presence on social media channels, it’s high time you do, as countless potential customers await you there. However, if you already own social media channels but post infrequently or without a coherent strategy, you should quickly adopt an effective content marketing strategy. Dormant social media channels can often be more damaging than having none at all.

Just as in your online store, social media offers various opportunities for e-commerce content marketing. Leveraging content marketing on social platforms can amplify your brand’s reach and simplify the process of community building.

Depending on the products you sell and your target audience, different social media platforms might be more pertinent to your business.

Here are some content types relevant for your social media channels:

  1. Short Videos: These have become indispensable on most platforms. They’re easily consumable and can rapidly achieve extensive reach. Short videos are a simple way to showcase new products or answer frequently asked questions from your customers.
  2. Stories: Many social media platforms now offer the ‘Stories’ feature. They’re excellent for giving followers a behind-the-scenes look at your company or sharing vital information, such as discount promotions.
  3. Posts: Regular posts allow you to share more extended information with your followers and engage with them. For instance, you can inform them about new collections, the addition of a new manufacturer to your product lineup, or crucial company news.
  4. Live Shopping: Use the live feature to host live shopping events where you introduce new products or delve deeper into specific items. The advantage here is that customers can interact with you in real-time via live chat.
  5. Live Q&As: Instead of live shopping, you can use the streaming feature to host a live Q&A session to address your followers’ questions directly. This fosters a closer bond with your customers, making your business more approachable.
  6. Podcasts: They are currently all the rage, and it feels like everyone has their own. Their popularity continues to grow, even among businesses. Depending on the products you sell and your industry, hosting your own podcast can be a sound content marketing strategy to bolster your brand recognition.

There are numerous exemplary instances of social media marketing in the e-commerce sector. One excellent example of podcast utilization is the company Amorelie. Their “I never have” podcast is now the brand’s second podcast, supporting its goal of destigmatizing sexual topics.

Another instance is Ooia, a company specializing in period underwear. They leverage Instagram for live shopping events, promoting new collections, and the co-founders provide daily operational insights through Stories.

  • Tip: Content Recycling – You don’t always need to share entirely new content on your social networks. A more efficient approach is to repurpose existing content, such as from blog posts, and tailor it specifically for each platform.

User Generated Content for your Online Shop

Zusätzlich zu eigenem Content sollten Sie Ihre Kunden ermutigen, Inhalte zu Ihren Produkten beizutragen. Ein klarer Weg hierfür sind Produktbewertungen. Nach jedem Einkauf könnten Sie Ihre Kunden proaktiv bitten, eine Bewertung abzugeben. Diese können Sie sowohl in Ihrem Online-Shop integrieren als auch auf Social Media teilen.

Eine andere Methode, Kunden zur Content-Erstellung zu animieren, sind Challenges oder spezielle Unternehmens-Hashtags. Ein Beispiel hierfür ist die Modekette H&M: Unter dem Hashtag #hmxme werden Kunden dazu angeregt, ihre Outfits, die Produkte der Marke enthalten, auf Social Media zu posten. Das erhöht auf einfache Weise Ihre Sichtbarkeit in den sozialen Netzwerken.

E-Commerce Content Marketing UGC Beispiel

User-generated content should be seen as an indispensable part of the content marketing of your online shop, as it promotes trust in your brand among potential customers.

Effective content marketing for your online shop consists of various elements. Besides the ones already mentioned, there are many more content marketing approaches.

However, it is of utmost importance that you fully dedicate yourself to content marketing with a well-thought-out strategy and not just treat it as a side issue. Only in this way can the desired success be achieved.

Setting up an optimal content marketing strategy

With the frequently mentioned content marketing strategy, you can purposefully and sustainably create content for your online shop. You can establish this strategy in the following five steps:

  1. Start by researching keywords and topics relevant to your online shop.
  2. Next, plan your content. Decide what content will appear, when, where, and in what format.
  3. Dive into content creation. For each topic, prepare detailed briefings, and consider using templates for social media to streamline the process.
  4. Once your content is ready, it’s time to publish. Properly planning the distribution of your content is crucial, especially if you aim to reach a broad audience on social media.
  5. Finally, analyze the performance of your content. This step ensures you understand if you’re on the right track or if adjustments to your strategy are needed.

The benefits of content marketing for your e-commerce business

E-Commerce content marketing offers significant advantages with a modest effort:

  1. Enhanced brand recognition.
  2. Strengthened customer trust.
  3. Greater outreach to potential customers.
  4. The ability to cultivate a dedicated product community.
  5. Simplification of online word-of-mouth promotion.
  6. Increased website traffic.
  7. A boost in sales.

Considering these benefits, now is the ideal time to delve into content marketing for your online shop. Delaying this could make competing more challenging.

If you’re seeking assistance in developing a content strategy or generating content, we’re ready to collaborate and elevate your online store.

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