Without doubt, the big hotel booking portals bring guests. But the price for this dependency is high. Many hoteliers resist the market power of Booking.com, HRS and Co.’s own marketing with Google Ads, with regional portals and classic direct marketing.

But the fact that the portals have been able to grow so quickly is also due to the hotel operators who failed to convert their reservation systems to online business at an early stage.

However, resistance is mounting and there are certainly opportunities to resist the superiority of the market power of HRS and Co. Hoteliers must become active and start to take the marketing of their hotel more into their own hands again. Especially for niche providers, the way out of dependence is shorter than some people think.

Regional booking platforms are among the most promising alternatives. Even if the results are still manageable compared to the turnover via the large portals, a start has been made and the more hotels join a regional hotel platform, the more attractive it becomes for potential guests

But the hotels can also take their fate even more into their own hands. With an attractive website and professionally created Google Ads campaigns, hoteliers can present their offer when people are looking for it. For a local search, no ad will be more relevant than the hotel itself and will therefore appear in one of the top places for a comparatively low price. With Google Ads, hotels can attack HRS and Co. directly where they currently have a big lead. The online marketing of hotels. Google Ads creates real equality of opportunity here, assuming a highly relevant, professional campaign.

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